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May 2017 Enewsletter

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Flow and Level Enewsletter May 2017

In-Situ® has expanded into flow monitoring with the acquisition of Australian-based Measuring and Control Equipment (MACE). MACE has designed and manufactured ultrasonic flow meters, data loggers, and controllers for over three decades. Adding flow monitoring enhances In-Situ’s growing surface water portfolio, making them a full-solution provider for both the groundwater and surface water markets. In addition, MACE’s remote monitoring system adds to In-Situ’s current line of telemetry and data management solutions, enabling a robust remote monitoring system that is second-to-none in the industry.

MACE, an In-Situ Company


This detector monitors solid/liquid interface levels in water & wastewater clarifiers and settlement tanks. It allows operators to program de-sludge pumps to operate only when necessary, preventing carryover, optimizing feed density, reducing energy usage. Slim profile and use of high-intensity infrared light are ideal for obstructed or constricted areas. No calibration required.

Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.


In the News..

  • Just Published: Total Maximum Daily Load Analysis and Modeling Assessment of the Practice reviews the available tools for estimating the maximum amount of a pollutant that a water body can receive in a day and still meet the applicable water quality standards.   To learn more..
  • Bill Signed by President Trump Gives EPA’s Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) Program Additional Help to Meet Communities’ Water Infrastructure Needs To learn more..
  • Groundwater Solutions Innovating to Address Emerging Issues for Groundwater Resources Conference To learn more..
  • EPA action plan outlines ways to improve safety and reliability of our Nation’s drinking waterTo learn more
  • New ISA book explores the complex requirements for effective leak detection of petroleum pipelines and improved pipeline safety  To learn more
  • EPA to Host Finance Forum for Drinking Water Systems on July 26, 2017 To learn more..
  • AWWA testifies on potential improvements to Safe Drinking Water Act To learn more..
  • InSitu® Inc. Expands into Flow Monitoring with Acquisition of Australian-based MACE To learn more

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