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EPA Approves Louisiana’s Clean-Air Plan for Transport of Pollutants to Other States, Cleans Out Backlog

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June 4, 2018

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the State of Louisiana’s clean-air plan related to transporting air pollution from particulate matter across state lines, known as interstate transport. EPA determined that emissions from pollution sources in Louisiana do not contribute significantly to diminished air quality in other states.


“Controlling particulate matter pollution is important for public health and for maintaining air quality,” said Regional Administrator Anne Idsal. “Louisiana has shown it’s a ‘good neighbor’ by keeping this pollution from affecting other states.”


Because air pollution does not stay within state boundaries, the Clean Air Act requires that state plans prohibit emissions that will significantly harm air quality in other states. This is commonly called the transport or “Good Neighbor” requirement. Based on submitted technical information, EPA found that emissions in Louisiana comply with those requirements. EPA’s finding approves state law as meeting federal requirements and does not impose additional requirements.


Under Administrator Scott Pruitt’s leadership, EPA has applied LEAN management principles to processing state implementation plan reviews at EPA and is in the process of eliminating its backlog of overdue reviews by 2020. In Region 6, there are 28 backlogged state implementation plans. By taking final action on this revision as required by the Clean Air Act, EPA is clearing a portion of this backlog.


For more about EPA’s work in Louisiana: https://www.epa.gov/la

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