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Scott Pruitt Has Resigned From The Head Of The EPA And Andrew Wheeler Will Be The Agency’s Acting Head on Monday

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Scott Pruitt has resigned after several ethics scandals have been revealed in recent months involving questionable spending practices.

Scott Pruitt’s Washington condominium rental from the wife of a lobbyist who lobbies on energy and transportation issues.  He rented the condo for only $50.00 a night and only on the nights  he was in Washington D.C. This is way below any nightly rental I ever had while visiting Washington D.C.

Scott Pruitt also requested a soundproof booth in his office which cost $43,000.00. When questioned about it he defended the soundproof booth as a necessary for him to do his job.  The  previous administrator did not have a similar set up, so this was an interesting request.

They included First-Class Travel tickets and expensive international travel of an estimated cost of $58,000 to tax payers. One round-trip flight by Pruitt to Italy cost more than $7,000, part of a trip that ultimately cost taxpayers at least $120,000.

Scott Pruitt spent more than $3 million on his 24-hour security detail along with misusing his EPA staff to run all over Washington DC looking for a used matress, special lotion that he had used at the Ritz along with trying to obtain a six figure job for his wife including trying to get her a Chick-fil-A franchise.

Reported in April 2018 by :The Post: reported that Pruitt used a little-known legal loophole to grant five-figure pay raises to two young EPA staff members — even after his request was initially rebuffed by White House officials, according to reports. The aides resigned in June, and Pruitt has maintained that he was unaware of the raises.


Who will the acting EPA administrator?

The answer is Andrew Wheeler, the deputy administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Andrew Wheeler was confirmed in April 2018 and he has similar deregulatory goals.  Preceding  his confirmation Wheeler previously worked for the EPA . under former President George H.W. Bush administration. Andrew Wheeler was also was a staffer for Sen. James Inhofe a Repblican from Okla., who was chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee at the time of Wheeler’s employment.

Wheeler was most recently a co-head of the energy practice for the law and lobbying firm Faegre Baker Daniels, and lobbied on behalf of clients including coal-mining giant Murray Energy Corp. Wheeler gave up his lobbyist registration last year, shortly before Trump nominated him for the job, as deputy administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Current Agenda of the EPA is unlikely to change, Trump tweeted.

“I have no doubt that Andy will continue on with our great and lasting EPA agenda. We have made tremendous progress and the future of the EPA is very bright!”

According to “The Hill” Wheeler said last week that  “I’m the deputy administrator, that’s the position I signed up for, that’s the position I wanted. I didn’t want to be the administrator, still don’t want to be the administrator,”

There are many concerned in Washington that Wheeler was not properly vetted to take on the role of EPA Administrator and that his previous position as a lobbyist disqualifies him from being able to lead the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Andrew Wheeler will become acting EPA Administrator on Monday July 9th