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Real-Time Computer Training for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Exam

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August 2013

Where does someone go to prepare for the Certification Exams for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator or to earn their continuing education units (CEUs) to keep up their certification?

There are of course training classes you can schedule to go off site but what if you are unable to travel to that said location?

There is an alternative: you now can get training online covering water, wastewater and OSHA topics. These courses are customized by topic and experience level. This training is an online class experience with real time lectures and discussion via your computer terminal. Students can login at a specific time from any place they have access to a computer with video and sound capabilities. Listen to the presentation then ask questions of your online certified trainer in your area of interest.

A sample of classes currently being offered is listed below:
Wastewater Training Operator License Exam Preparation

Certificate Issued, Required CEU Hours, Biological or Physical/Chemical
Exam Type, D, C, B, or A Level, Specific Exam Topics
Simulated Questions

Wastewater Training Operator License CEU-Hours for License Renewal
Certificate Issued, Annual – 6 Hours, Biannual – 12 Hours
Requires Material for Specific License, Biological or Physical/Chemical

Wastewater Treatment Efficiency and Cost Improvement Procedures Certificate Issued, Required CEU Hours, Treatment Efficiency
Operator Skill — site specific, Cost Efficiency/Procedure Enhancement of Wastewater Equipment

Courses offered are as follows:
Short School (24-hour workshop to prepare for certification exam)
Physical/Chemical Wastewater
Biological Wastewater
Wastewater Activated Sludge – 24 hours
Wastewater Review – 6 hours
Wastewater Mathematics – 12 hours
Water/Wastewater General Management – 12 hours (unique group discussion format facilitated by trainer)

Daniel L. Theobald, the owner of Environmental Services, has over nineteen years of hands-on experience operating many variants of wastewater treatment processing units. He has over seventeen years of experience as an instructor/trainer in wastewater & industrial health and safety topics. For the past ten years he has served as an active consultant to a variety of industries, achieving and maintaining improved wastewater treatment at less cost.

Daniel L. Theobald has a Bachelor of Science Degree and possesses an A level South Carolina Wastewater Operator License. He currently holds a Water Trainer’s Permit and has completed 40 hour Hazardous Waste Training. Additionally in 1990 the National Environmental Training Association certified him as a Certified Environmental Trainer. He is also a Registered Environmental Professional and a member of the Water Environment Federation and American Water Works Associations.

To learn more about this real-time training call 866/815-7819, email: thewastewaterwizard@esdlt.com


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