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pH/ORP Data Logging Controller For Water Treatment Applications

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August 31, 2016

Milwaukee Instruments’ new DL125 Black Box is a pH/ORP data logging controller for water treatment applications. When coupled with an internet portal service, it offers full duplex capabilities – whether the user is standing in front of the Black Box or halfway around the world.

This unit is designed to continuously monitor and accurately control pH and ORP readings. Easy setup allows the user to calibrate pH at 1, 2, or 3 points in tenths, hundredths, or thousandths. User can program target readings for pH and ORP with dosing activation above or below target readings.

To allow more accurate control and prevent excessive on/off cycling, the DL125 features programmable hysteresis from .5 to .005 pH. ORP hysteresis can be set at 5mV, 10mV, 15mV, or 20mV. It also features ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) as well as Manual Temperature Control. Probe diagnostics tool and acid/base slope analyses (in accordance with GLP) help assure consistent, accurate readings.

The DL125 also allows users to set CAUTION and CRITICAL alert levels. This unique alerts package immediately lets the user know when problems occur. When readings reach user-establish caution and critical levels, the unit will initiate alerts; first a caution, and if the problem continues to worsen, a critical alert.

The DL125 features status lights on both sides of the LCD screen. pH alerts are displayed on the left and ORP alerts on the right. Blue lights indicate normal operation. When a status light turns yellow, this indicates a caution level has been registered. If conditions continue to worsen and the reading reaches the CRITICAL level, the status light will turn red.

In addition to the integrated visual alerts, the unit generates and sends emails and/or text messages with readings to the user’s phone, tablet, or computer.

The portal dashboard provides a quick visual of the last ten readings for both pH and ORP, making developing trends more obvious at a glance. The SD card plugged into the unit automatically logs readings every two minutes. The portal can be programmed for other intervals with a minimum of five minutes. All snapshots log immediately. User can also plug in start/stop dates to establish a window, then download in csv or pdf formats.

The data logging function of the DL125 provides readings for documentation purposes as well as analysis. It records all pH and ORP readings, including temperature and time, at predetermined intervals on the 4GB SD card and also sends them to the portal. A snapshot button allows user to record real time readings without interrupting the logging schedule.

Four models are now available from Milwaukee Instruments. The DL100 is a pH data logging monitor. The DL122 is a pH data logging controller and the DL510 is an ORP data logging controller. Both the DL122 and DL510 feature IDC, an incremental dosing control which allows supplemental dosing, as necessary, without affecting normal operation of the controller.

? All four models come complete and ready to be put into service. For more information, visit


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