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In-Situ’s Low-Flow System Helps Reduce Sampling Time Up to 66%

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March 14, 2018

A new approach to low-flow sampling is helping modernize groundwater sampling for engineers and scientists, with users reporting significantly less time needed to sample wells.

According to In-Situ, an innovator in water quality monitoring equipment, automating data collection and SOP compliance has the potential to reduce monitoring costs and improve data quality.

“People are finding that what used to be a 3-hour sampling event now only takes about an hour,” says Matt Trumbo, product manager for In-Situ. “That time savings really adds up when you consider how much time people are
spending in the field.”

Compared with well volume purging methods that increase mixing and turbidity, low-flow sampling generates higher quality data that more accurately reflect groundwater geochemistry. In the past, low-flow sampling has meant additional setup time and training, but In-Situ’s tools are changing that equation.

“All the user has to do is power up the instrument and the VuSitu mobile app automatically detects it,” says Trumbo. “The app’s workflow automatically walks you through every step of your specific SOP, and when you’re done you can download and share data on the spot.”

The VuSitu app records data directly from the instrument, eliminating the need to write down readings or manually enter the data on a laptop in the field. It also tells users when conditions are stable enough to start sampling, reducing waiting time as well as the risk of errors and ruined data.

In-Situ’s low-flow sampling system is comprised of three core elements

  • Aqua TROLL 600 multiprobe: The wireless-enabled multiparameter sonde comes with interchangeable sensors that include conductivity, temperature, pH, ORP, turbidity and EPA-approved optical RDO.
  • Ultra-small flow cell: The Aqua TROLL 600 flow cell measures 130 mL, shortening the time to cycle a full volume for faster sampling.
  • Android tablet: The system also comes with a ruggedized Android tablet pre-loaded with the VuSitu app.

“Overall the system is designed to deliver higher quality data in less time than traditional low-flow sampling methods, regardless of the user’s level of expertise,” Trumbo says. He adds that the multiprobe’s flexibility means it can replace multiple instruments for a lower total cost of ownership.

“Engineers are telling us that the system is helping them sample more wells in less time, freeing up key resources who might otherwise be stuck in the field for weeks at a time.”

Learn more about In-Situ’s low-flow sampling system at lowflow.in-situ.com

In-Situ Inc. designs, manufactures, sells and rents water level, water quality and flow monitoring instrumentation for groundwater, surface water, and coastal waters. Known for innovating top-quality water monitoring equipment, they also provide a full-solution for decision-quality data via easy integration with telemetry and data services. For nearly 40 years, In-Situ products have provided accurate results and reliable operation in harsh monitoring conditions. Applications include aquifer characterization, mining, oil/gas, remediation, aquaculture, and more.

In-Situ offers technical support 24/7 through a global network of  regional offices and distributors, and is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Please visit in-situ.com or call 1-800- 446-7488.

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