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Designed for the Future of Industrial Stormwater Treatment

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December 2016 – January 2017

Self-driving cars. Robotic manufacturing plants. Doctor visits through your computer. A few years ago, these were all wild ideas. Now we live in an age where these “Wild Ideas” are starting to happen.

We know our BioChar stormwater filter media fits into this “Things are Starting to Happen” category also, as the future of filter media. It is going to revolutionize the way companies, like yours, filter stormwater and make it affordable to maintain. However, unlike the things stated above, Gullywasher Stormwater Filters will truly be a simple easy solution to get your industrial site into stormwater compliance without breaking the bank. For using a Gullywasher makes heavy metals treatment compliant, affordable with the current and future stormwater regulations.

These compliance levels want metals in stormwater to be down to 360 ppb zinc in California, 117 ppb in Washington and 120 ppb in Oregon. Gullywasher filters can take zinc down to Non-Detect. There are 3rd party lab reports to prove this numbers are real. And for 1/3 the cost of a typical pump n’ treat process!

Our BioChar mix is a unique product, most coming from hard wood waste that was used to power the lumber sawmills. It is aggressively washed, rinsed and graded to a filter-quality standard. This organic material when mixed with peat is the foundation for the powerful contaminant-capture process that allows heavy metals to be collected in the trillions of cavity spaces located inside the BioChar.

Note to Self – 1/3 the Cost of a Typical Pump n’ Treat and 1/10 to Maintain

There is one little trick for getting biochar to filter contaminants properly – having the right process equipment design to allow the stormwater pass through while collecting the heavy metals. This equipment must prevent water from channeling while slowing down the flow to allow the contaminants to be removed from the stormwater. Any biochar media mix cannot be allowed to fluidize because it is too friable. Our filters do not need power or chemicals, but an ultra-small footprint would be nice. They are easy to maintain, preferably by one employee.

Gullywasher manufactures industrial BioChar filter equipment for filter booms, roof downspouts and large end-of- pipe installations. Made in the USA, we use industrial gauged material to withstand the weather for decades while protecting the BioChar media. Using a simple design, our equipment is modular. It can be scaled up or down to fit into any space or flow rates to meet your needs. This is like the “Burger King”; of stormwater equipment – you get it your way at a price you can afford.

Our filters are typically 20% to 60% under our competitions’ price with no extra prime real estate, no continued maintenance fees and no exchanging filter media every other month. And it works. It filters your stormwater to below compliance levels.

Today our product focus is our Downspout BioFilter, which filters metals coming off the roof due to metal dust vacuums sending contaminants to the roofs, AC equipment or metal roofing. These heavy metals need to be filtered at its source. The best way of capturing these contaminates is through the downspouts before the stormwater hits the ground and spreads contaminants throughout your facility.

Note to Self – Control Contaminants at Their Source Before Spreading Throughout Facility

Our BioFilter comes in two sizes – 55 gallon or 275 gallon, depending on your flow rate needs. We can hook up several BioFilters in a line to offset high flow rates, while providing the same removal percentages of contaminants. Depending on what type of filtering you need, we offer a single stage, dual stage and triplex stage filtering. We can remove TSS, metals, oil, feces, trash, rocks, bacteria and organic material and can provide a water polisher for clarity.

Because of its modular ability and small footprint, BioFilters can be placed in the nooks and crannies of your facility, leaving your operational space alone. Fitting between loading docks or the back side of buildings. They go where your downspouts are located. No need for power since they work on natural water pressure and the Earth’s gravity. Simple design to work for you.

Maintenance is always an issue when buying new equipment. We designed maintenance to be performed by one employee – a simple task for the rookie in your group. Just pull the clamp lever to remove the filter ring holding the top filter. Throw all trash into trash bin and rinse filter with garden hose. Replace the filter back on the top unit and secure with clamp ring. Simple enough?

We believe by making maintenance on our units simple, that cleaning will get done more often. If a new employee gets hired and has the task of cleaning the BioFilter, the learning curve is about two minutes. It makes your work life easier knowing that maintenance is not an issue with our equipment.

The final message about our BioFilters that we want to convey to you is removal rates on contaminants. They are ultra-high in removals making compliance easier. Our typical removal rate is 98-99% of zinc and copper. Nobody in our industry can do this. Not only is our removal rates ultra-high but our media is sustainable for 2-3 years before replacing. This is a game-changer that our competitors hope their customers don’t find us. And most of all, we have 3 rd party lab reports to back-up our removal statements.

Bottomline, Our Filters Work.

Our BioFilters make you compliant. They don’t cost an arm and a leg. They don’t have any maintenance issues. The filter media lasts for years. The equipment is of industrial grade, built to last foe decades. It is modular and has a small footprint, so they can fit anywhere you need them and still protect your operational area space. It’s a win-win for you and your company. Contact us for more information on how our BioFilters can make your facility metal-compliant now and for decades.

Jed Pettey Stormwater Metal Compliance Filtration 858.922.9001 jed@gullywasher.com


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