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CTI-ORELIS acquires CeraMem® assets and reinforces its presence in North America

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November 27th 2017

CTI-ORELIS announced November 9th 2017 the acquisition of the CeraMem® assets from Veolia Water Technologies. CTI-ORELIS will immediately begin integrating the new business, developing synergies for advanced ceramic membrane based solutions for the oil and gas industry.

“This is a major step forward for our Group,” says François Garcia, CEO of CTI-ORELIS.  “Through the acquisition of CeraMem®, we will significantly strengthen our position in North America, particularly in the USA. It will allow us to further expand our product offerings to customers while enhancing our capabilities in the global oil and gas markets.”

CTI-ORELIS acquires all the assets based in Boston, Massachusetts USA, including the membrane manufacturing plant, personnel, patents and stocks. After the acquisition, Veolia Water Technologies will become a key partner by continuing to use CeraMem® membranes and systems.

Meeting the economic and environmental challenges of the oil and gas market was also a strong driver. CeraMem® membrane solutions are proven to be particularly effective for the treatment of produced water for reuse and reinjection, as well as to meet strict effluent discharge criteria. “To include CeraMem® makes sense with our growth strategy,’’ adds François Garcia. “While current ceramic technologies from CTI-ORELIS are oxide-based products, CeraMem® provides expertise in silicon carbide membranes. The synergies will accelerate our growth and our capability to satisfy our customers’ needs with a comprehensive, global and greatly enhanced offering.”

The CTI-ORELIS group is a world leader in membrane and filtration equipment systems. The wide range of ceramic and polymeric materials are tube or flat sheet shaped for both water treatment and chemical processing applications. To reinforce the positioning of the product portfolio, the CeraMem®offering includes silicon carbide, oxide-based membranes and cost-effective systems to handle flow rates from 20gpm (4m3/hour) to over 1000gpm (225 m3/hour). To meet client validation needs in terms of process design, CeraMem®’s laboratory testing capability and pilot scale demonstration units are a key added value.

CeraMem® will work closely with another CTI-ORELIS group entity, ClearBakk Water Solutions, especially to support the development of Oil Sands applications and solutions. Based in Calgary, Canada, ClearBakk, can customize reliable package water and wastewater treatment plants by providing full service from the initial assessment to designing, engineering and manufacturing an integrated plant.

With an average annual growth of 20% since 2008, CTI-ORELIS Group’s sales were €19 million in 2016. For several years, the Group has been expanding the scope of its expertise and consolidating its leadership: Orelis (membrane materials & filtration processes) in 2010; Enercat (catalytic formulation & advanced materials) in 2013; and, most recently in 2016, ClearBakk (full package water treatment solutions). Today, CeraMem® complements the Group’s offering to further enhance global ambitions.


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