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Acting Administrator Wheeler Addresses EPA Staff

July 11, 2018

Today, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler addressed EPA employees on the third business day of his tenure after being appointed acting administrator by President Donald J. Trump. The following are highlights from Administrator Wheeler’s remarks:

“I am humbled and grateful that President Trump has given me the opportunity to lead this Agency – the very Agency where I began my career in 1991 in the Pollution Prevention and Toxics Office as a career employee.”

“Just like me, you came to EPA to help the environment. I know firsthand how dedicated and passionate you are, and it is a privilege to work alongside you and lead the Agency in its vital mission of protecting human health and the environment.”

“We cannot forget that that the United States is the gold standard worldwide for environmental protection. Since 1970, emissions of the six criteria air pollutants regulated under the National Ambient Air Quality Standards established through the Clean Air Act have dropped 73 percent, while the U.S. economy has grown by leaps and bounds and lifted millions out of poverty. This is a remarkable achievement that should be recognized, celebrated, and replicated around the world.”

You can watch the full address here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4GiDkhdbIU&feature=youtu.be

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