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Improve Safe and Effective Storage of Liquids with Level and Leak Detection Products

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Effective monitoring and control of stored liquids is essential to efficient processing, as well as safety of personnel and the environment.

Storage of bulk liquids in manufacturing is a reality for many companies. From chemical processes in water treatment to food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical manufacturing to plating, agriculture and semiconductor manufacturing, control and monitoring of stored liquids, many times hazardous liquid, is a fact of life. Having the ability to monitor liquid levels is a critical aspect of any process. Monitoring the level when filling so as not to overfill your tank, having alarm points when your liquid reaches a critical level in your process, so production can continue without interruption and knowing when it’s time to refill your tank are just a few examples of why level monitoring and control are important. The concept behind level monitoring and control, is to automate a process and remove the “human element”.

Removing the human element eliminates a potential error, spill or system failure due to an oversight from a distracted or absent worker. Automated controls operate 24/7. They never call in sick and have the ability to notify key people of an actionable incident regardless of your location, whether you’re in your office, at home or even on a beach in some tropical paradise. They can also turn pumps on or off, close valves or signal alarms as needed, to keep your facility running safe and secure.

Peabody offers a wide range of level control products from simple level indicators, telling you the liquid level in your tank, to complex control systems, that can completely control your process and even notify you by text or email when a remote tank needs your attention, whether it’s in your plant, your customer’s plant or out in a field far from anyone. We have liquid level devices that can detect when a tank is leaking or overflowing or just needs to be filled or emptied. Whatever automated process you want to accomplish, from very simple to very complex, Peabody Engineering has a solution that will very likely take care of it. Choose from simple mechanical level gauges that require no power, battery operated level indicators and leak detection sensors and 120 volt powered process systems with multiple set points at varying levels and 4-20 mA signals to control pumps, valves and even controllers that manage your entire facility. Choose from local control systems to wireless remote cloud-based systems, depending upon your specific requirements.

With a choice of materials of construction, Peabody has level control products for just about any application or chemical. Call us with your application and we will be glad to help design a level control solution for your application.

With over 60 years in commercial storage tank solutions, Peabody Engineering has delivered tanks and tank accessories in all shapes and sizes, for any application or need. As an engineering firm and manufacturer, Peabody Engineering works as a partner with customers all over the globe, designing durable, flexible tanks that last. With a variety of material products in their catalog and successful completed projects, the company backs every tank that comes off the assembly line.

Peabody Engineering Molded Tanks Division offers below ground tanks, chemical tanks, water tanks, Gemini Dual Containment Tanks, bulk storage tanks, and custom design tank systems.

Engineering Molded Tanks division offers below ground tanks, chemical tanks, water tanks, Gemini

Dual Containment® Tanks, bulk storage tanks, and custom design tank systems.

Peabody Engineering & Supply Inc.,
13435 Estelle Street, Corona CA 92879


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